Saturday, March 16, 2013

Exploring Roles in the ECE Community: Local and State Levels

At least three local or state organizations or communities of practice that appealed to you, and explain why you chose them

1.      Bright From the Start:  Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning
2.      NCCP:  National Center for Children in Poverty
3.      GAYC:  Georgia Association on Young Children

The above organizations/communities were selected because they work together to help Georgia’s childcare/daycare improve early care and education for our children. Each organization work together to insure that daycare/child care centers are following proper guidelines of early learning standards and assessments for young children.  They provide support for early education program, professional development for people who work with children, early detection and support of children with special needs and support program for the family. Bright from the Start provides programs that focused primarily on children ages birth to school age and their families (Bright, 2013).  Bright from the start has an awesome site that provide state rating of all daycares in Georgia. So it was beneficial for me when I was in the market for shopping for a daycare for my baby. .

Job opportunities (currently available or not) that interest you
1.      Family Advocate
2.      Child Development Specialist
3.      Early Childhood Education Instructor

   Skills and experience that you would need to competently fulfill each of these roles

Surely, I will need strong interpersonal skill to include having the ability to communicate with both clients and colleagues. Any person who chooses to work with families and children will need to be very flexible and innovative.  I will need my skills learned from taking classes at Walden University

Bright from the Start (2013).  Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. Retrieved from


  1. I really wish these jobs you posted were available in my area :). I think you are right on track with the qualifications someone would need to do the jobs you posted. It is important to have good communication and interpersonal skills. Like you mentioned being flexible and innovative are important as well, this is a challenging and ever changing field.

  2. I would encourage your involvement in the Georgia NAEYC affiliate organization. They offer numerous programs and excellent professional development. You might even utilize someone there in your Community of Practice.