Friday, January 6, 2012

Ethics in Communication

Oprah Winfrey demonstrates competent communication within a particular context.  She has a style that is so unique.  Oprah’s body language, facial expression and tone of voice are what make her a great communicator.  Oprah is my role model when it comes to communication with others.

Oprah refers to  communication as:
“Communication is like a dance. One person takes a step forward, the other takes one back. Even one misstep can land both on the floor in a tangle of confusion. That's the perfect moment to rise to your feet and get clear about the next move—to gently say to the other dancer, "What do you really want here?"


  1. Tamakio,

    Thanks for sharing the quote, I have not heard it before. However it is very true. Oprah is a wonderful communicator and a lot of it does have to do with her nonverbal communication.

  2. I really like that quote you posted from Oprah, I think she is a great role model for communication. I would also agree with Amy that a lot of her communication happen non-verbally, but expresses so much!

  3. I am also an Oprah fan! I think she has a successful career because she knows how to communicate well. She knows how to make people feel comfortable. Additionally, she is a great listener, she looks people in the eye, and her body language is open and appropriate.