Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Family Culture

If there was a major catastrophe of my country and I was only allowed to take 3 small items, I would take the following items to represent my family culture:

·         My family photo album:  the photo albums will have memories of my culture and traditions.
·         The Bible:  For me to read and keep my faith
·         My Laptop:  just in case there will be internet connection, I will be able to connect with family member and friends thought social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
Once I arrived to the host country and I was told that I could only keep one of the three items I brought.  I think I would keep my laptop, especially If I determine that I would have access to the internet.  On my laptop, I have pictures of my family downloaded and I could always download a copy of The Bible (King James Version). 

My family is so dear to me and I couldn’t imagine something like this happening.  If it did, I would continue my culture by cooking foods that are a tradition to my family and sing songs of my culture to remind me of where I came from.

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