Sunday, November 27, 2011


While attending High School (junior year), I was sitting in class socializing with other students.  We were allowed to socialize for the first ten minutes of class.  I was engaged in a conversation with a couple of my classmates, when another student (white male) addressed me inappropriately.  I immediately made some statements back to the student.  We went back in forward for a minute and he called me a B!#ch.  When he made that statement, I became very upset.  The teacher, who was white, finally asked what was going on.  I tried to explain to her what happened.  She didn’t want to hear my story.  She asked me to have a sit and began to ask the white male student what happened. Based on his statements, she wrote me up for disrupting the class and using profanity.  I was sent me to the principal’s office. My feelings was hurt because I felt like because I was black and the teacher and student that I was arguing with was white, I was not treated fairly.   Her recommendation was for me to be suspended from school for 3 days.

I was very upset and I felt as if I was not treated fairly because of the color of my skins.  I was not given a chance to prove myself. In my opinion, the white male student did not learn anything from the solution.  My parents ended up having a conference with the school principal and teacher about the incident.  The principal decided to interview students from the class and out of 20 students, 15 made a statement that they heard the two of us arguing and the only profanity word used was by the white male.  I know I was wrong for arguing in class and I would have accepted the punishment of “disrupting the class”, but I also felt as if the white student should have been punished also for using profanity and disrupting the class. Fair is Fair!!

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