Sunday, August 21, 2011

International Contact: Final Blog

This course have me the opportunity to learn and explore about the children in China.  Eventhough I was not able to contact a person to speak,  I used the website "Save the Children" to learn and research about the children in China.

Things I learned.....

Despite China's strong and sustained economic growth, poverty is still persistent, especially in remote rural areas. Income inequalities between eastern and western China have broadened, and the income gap between rural and urban residents has widened considerably since the late 1970s. Urban incomes are now more than three times higher than rural incomes. China’s government is taking strong measures to correct this trend by increasing investment in rural areas, especially in infrastructure, irrigation, education and health. The government is putting in place favourable policies in support of the rural population. They include agricultural tax exemptions that became effective in 2007, provision of subsidies for agricultural production and increased agricultural procurement prices, and expansion of social protection and security coverage. The government’s investments aim to create a balanced, prosperous society through economic and social development.

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